Zoog Technologies, Inc. is a company composed of geeks that are passionate when it comes to imagining, building and sharing tech solutions for the community. Some also say that our company can be distinguished as the one along the bustling highway in Cebu that stands out because of the multitude of sticky notes on its glass walls.

Would you look at those?

As a startup, people may think we’re this cool bunch that creates cool stuff. Well, that is true, but there’s more to our company that meets the eye. Here’s the story of Zoog through the eyes of our own CEO Kenneth Baylosis. 

Presenting! (Pun unintended)

Before the idea of Zoog was even conceived, Kenneth was a computer engineering student of USC that did paid projects on the side – developing software applications, conducting tech tutorials and the like. After he graduated, he continued receiving projects and worked in the industry. Afterwards, in November 2011, he established Zoog and developed consumer electronics.

It certainly was not an easy journey. Kenneth was a newcomer into business, so he had to learn and unlearn a lot of things. To start off, he tried to meet and get to know people in the tech field by attending conferences and seminars. Along the way, he had to decide what path to shape for Zoog, its brand and its services.

He did manage to partner with a few figures and turned them into clients. While he did his best to support the company despite several ups and downs, he had to mellow down the efforts in the development of consumer electronics as a service. For one, it was not easy to source funds for wearable projects. Also, for him, the Philippines has yet to nurture its electronics industry until it becomes sustainable.

A few years and a lot more lessons later, Zoog has transformed into a developer of web and mobile applications and an incubator of promising startups.

The first projects of Zoog (from left to right): Micab (2013), the City of Valenzuela App (2015), and Waterfront Booking System (2015)

Latest developments: Gomigu (2017) and Bentanayan (2017)

Kenneth has described the story of Zoog as a messy one, but he’s alright with that. That history, after all, is what drove the growth of the company and his growth as a businessman. It is a beautiful mess. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Entrepreneurship is like a drug. Once you enter the entrepreneurial path, you can never go back. It will be hard for you to return to your original mindset.”

What makes entrepreneurship attractive for Kenneth, anyway? He disclosed an unpopular opinion about running a business. “When people hear the word ‘businessman’ they usually associate it with ‘selfish’ and ‘money-hungry’. It’s actually the opposite. Entrepreneurs start businesses not to receive, but to give. They earn their own money along the way, yes, but more importantly, they provide an avenue for other people to earn their own money.”

Another thing is his goal of building cutting-edge technology for the community. “As an engineer by heart, running a business has given me the freedom to make whatever move I want to give back to the community.” He imagines scenarios where, if he ever goes back to working in the industry, he’d just find himself duplicating what the higher-ups do and make it his own – might as well be his own boss and make his own difference.

Indeed, that has been achieved through the projects Zoog has built for clients, but Kenneth feels that it isn’t his to claim just yet.

“I want the community to make use of something I have created, something I can call my own. I have not gotten there yet, but with the help of this team, someday I will.”



It still will be a long journey for Zoog. It still will be filled with hurdles along the way. But managing a startup is not a fairytale, after all. So is the story of Zoog. We like to believe it still has a working title now, but we’re hopeful that the time will come that we’ll be more than our trademark sticky notes.

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