The Importance of Branding Your Business

June 14, 2019Design and Technology

The concept of branding may be confusing and overwhelming for many people. A lot of definitions and explanations are found on the World Wide Web, so it’s not quite an easy idea to grasp. Still, branding is essential — especially when you’re establishing a business. So what is branding, exactly? And why is it important? … Read More

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The Convenience of Using E-Cash

April 15, 2019Design and Technology No Comments

Money makes the world go round, so they say. Perhaps every single activity done by every single person in the world involves money — without it, the system as we know it would go in shambles. Technology has been following the same pattern. It also has been changing lives day by day by improving our daily activities, may … Read More

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These Are The Messaging Apps We Love

December 8, 2017Design and Technology No Comments

The rise of technology has been steady for the past years, and so has the continuous improvement it has brought to the community. Performing tasks that were complicated before can now be done with a few clicks and taps on our gadgets. Perhaps the most common activity that has been simplified by tech is communication. What … Read More

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