When you build your own business, one of the must-have things you think of is how to get online. And that’s right. With most people spending their time on the internet, having an online presence is one sure way for your business to earn attention.

Now, when you think of getting online, you may think of creating your Facebook page or other social media accounts. Everyone is on social media, anyway.

But what if we tell you that the best way forward is to get a website?

The demand for websites is growing over the past years. In 2017, there are 1.7 billion websites recorded to have been built. Imagine the numbers now!

Still not convinced?

Here are five reasons why getting a website for your business is a worthy investment.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Get a Website Now

1. It serves as a window to your company

The internet is loaded with information, with loads of people consuming it. Having a website allows you to stand out among that sea of data and attract the attention of visitors to your business.

Compared to social media pages, websites typically rank higher in search engine results. That said, getting a website highly increases the visibility of your business in the digital space.

2. It establishes a good image for your business

It establishes a good image for your business

With a website, your business has a chance to build a good reputation.

Creating social media accounts for your business is as easy as pie. Meanwhile, getting a website takes more time, effort, and yes, money. That creates the impression that you can afford to run a business and that you’re serious about it. In return, people will also take your business seriously.

Having a website also allows you to be more creative with your visual identity.

In social media, you can’t do more than change your display pictures, cover photos, and others. But with a website, you’re more flexible. You have more free hand in designing how it should look like, how you want customers to navigate it, and more. You are in full control of how it should reflect your brand as a business.

3. It enables you to promote your product or service

It enables you to promote your product or service

A website is the perfect one-stop shop where your target customers can browse, choose, and purchase your product or service.

Like in establishing a good image for your business, there’s a lot more flexibility in promoting your product or service through a website.

In social media, you still have to rely on separate platforms for your catalog, your order or reservation form, your payment gateway, and more. Meanwhile, a website helps you put all those together in one place. Built-in features and plugins are available for you to use and make your website fully functional.

The buying process becomes seamless and convenient for your customers, which may encourage them to buy more. Sweet, right?

4. It gives your clients more ways to engage with you

It gives your clients more ways to engage with you

A website is a great communication channel between you and your clients.

For one, you can add a contact form in your website, where your clients can email you directly. You can even add a chat plugin so they can message you instantly for more urgent concerns. Also, you can link your social media accounts in your home page, so your visitors will know where else to contact you.

By getting a website alongside your social media channels, you express your care for your clients (and even your target ones) — by giving them a means to access you in many ways.

5. It generate leads

It generates leads

Want to earn more clients? A website serves as a perfect opportunity for that.

A website is a great tool that complements many lead generation techniques. In a website, you can write blog posts, offer discounts and coupons, practice SEO, create landing pages for a newsletter, and so much more — all of which can attract visitors to your business.

Following the items above also gives your online presence the extra boost, helping you get noticed by your target audience even more.

The Bottom Line

The demand for a strong online presence has never been higher than today, especially for budding businesses. A good website, coupled with your social media accounts, will take your business to greater heights.

Got any questions on how to get your own website? Feel free to contact us!


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