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MiCab: The homegrown Philippine taxi-hailing app dedicated to empowering the local taxi economy. Seamlessly connecting users with trusted local drivers, MiCab revitalizes and supports the community’s taxi industry, ensuring reliable and convenient rides for urban commuters while boosting the local economy.

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Gomigu – the all-in-one super-app revolutionizing the way you socialize, shop, and connect! Seamlessly merging social networking, e-commerce, and messaging features, Gomigu creates a dynamic ecosystem where users can effortlessly discover new products, interact with friends, and make purchases—all within a single, intuitive platform. Whether you’re browsing, chatting, or sharing experiences, Gomigu simplifies your online activities, providing a unified and engaging experience like never before.

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Bluestar Jets

The ultimate on-demand solution for private jet travel. Similar to popular ride-hailing apps, Bluestar Jets connects you with a luxurious and efficient mode of transportation at your fingertips. With a few taps, access a network of elite aircraft, choose your preferred jet, and fly to your destination in unparalleled style and comfort. Enjoy the convenience of personalized flight options, making private jet travel as effortless as hailing a ride, all through the Bluestar Jets app—where luxury meets convenience in the skies.

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