Year: 201X

Duration: Legacy

Project Description

Gomigu – the all-in-one super-app revolutionizing the way you socialize, shop, and connect! Seamlessly merging social networking, e-commerce, and messaging features, Gomigu creates a dynamic ecosystem where users can effortlessly discover new products, interact with friends, and make purchases—all within a single, intuitive platform. Whether you’re browsing, chatting, or sharing experiences, Gomigu simplifies your online activities, providing a unified and engaging experience like never before.

Project Deliverables

  1. Document detailed functional and non-functional requirements
  2. Analyze and prioritize requirements based on business needs
  3. Develop the system architecture and high-level design
  4. Design documentation, including system flow diagrams and data models
  5. Prototype or MVP to validate critical functionality or technical feasibility
  6. Execute the deployment strategy for all web, iOS, and Android apps
  7. Release management and version control planning
  8. Plan for ongoing maintenance, updates, and support
  9. Logo, style guidelines, and all essential branding assets
  10. User interface design system for future design scaling
  11. A well-tested app that functions correctly on different devices